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Hello Friends, Family and Guests, 

          I hope you are having a wonderful day! May is better Speech and Hearing Month!  We have been posting information this month to help you learn more about childhood speech and language development.  We would like to partner with you to help the children in your life pronounce words better and use language more appropriately at home, at school and in the community.  We also work with adults to increase their public speaking skills (including Standard English Use/Code-Switching and Accent Reduction). Follow us on Linked In, Facebook and Instagram (if you have not already done so) to make sure you receive the information we share.     

          If you or someone you know are planning an event, consider me as a keynote inspirational speaker.  Topics can be personalized based on your audience.  Here are a few topics recently shared at previous speaking engagements: 

1) How to Live with more Purpose and Meaning

2) Building Healthy Relationships with People who

     are difficult to get along with

3) Raising Young Children with Challenging


4) Helping Young Adults Make Good Choices

5) Trending Career Opportunities After the


6) Maintaining Peace and Happiness (no matter

     what situation comes your way)

         For more information about our services, contact me.  I can be reached via email at  You may also call or text me at 562-668-1774.  If you would like information about our Worldwide Educational Services (including Virtual Speech Language Pathology Services, Leadership Coaching and Mentoring for youth and adults) feel free to contact me.  Please refer a friend or family member who may benefit from our services.  

Thank you for visiting our website! We appreciate you! Come back soon for our new inspirational message. 

My best to the best, 

Dr. Keichea L. Reever

Founder/Executive Director

Worldwide Educational Services

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Inspiration from me to you!

You Are Blessed!

Everyone has a purpose for being on this earth which means that your life is valuable and necessary!  No one can do what you were created to do so you must stay committed to your goals and press through the tough times until your destiny is fulfilled.  Once you begin working towards your purpose in life, it will be nearly impossible for you to get off track because you will be laser focused on your mission!  Yes, you can make it!  Just believe that you can and put forth your best effort every single day! You are blessed and you were born to be a blessing to others!

From Pain to Purpose

My greatest challenge in life began when my first born son decided that he was going to make decisions to disobey his parents, break school rules, get poor grades and later get incarcerated.  His choices have negatively impacted his life as well as my life.  However, the good news is that the story doesn't end there!   By the grace of God, I was able to channel my pain into studying to learn best practices in leadership development and mentoring.  As a result, my purpose was developed which is to encourage youth & adults to develop vital personal leadership skills that will help them overcome every obstacle and reach their full God-given potential!

I am very thankful to God that my son served his time and is no longer incarcerated.  I have seen positive changes in his thoughts, words and actions.   Although the experience of having my son incarcerated was a deeply painful one, I am so thankful to God for developing my purpose during that time.  I will always strive to help others overcome obstacles and reach their goals.  It may not seem like it but there is definitely purpose in your pain! Remain hopeful. It will get better! If you or someone you know would like to discuss your current situation, call 1-800-273-8255 (24 Hours a Day/7 Days a Week). Help is always available for you!

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