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It's Time To Talk Radio Show Welcomes Dr. Keichea Reever!

We had a great discussion about Leadership on the Radio Show, "It's Time to Talk!" Here is a synopsis of the topics we covered:

1) Politics and Leadership (Hot topic before the last Presidential Election)

2) Early Leadership Roles

3) The Characteristics of a Great Leader

4) Are leaders born or made?

5) How I became interested in Mentoring and Leadership

6) What factors are associated with a child becoming a successful adult?

7) How to perform Self-Defense on your Negative Thoughts

8) Plus more!

Guess what? I attended Long Beach Jordan High School with these two beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, loving and talented radio personalities, Dedra Jorden-Harris (pictured below to the left) and her sister April Jorden. They are a Dynamic Duo!

If you missed the video broadcast, click below to view it when you have time. Contact me to share your thoughts about the topics we discussed. I would love to hear from you! Also, if you would like to host a leadership discussion for your group of youth or adults, feel free to contact me. My email address is and my office telephone number is 562-506-0287 Ext. 701.

Take good care of yourself!

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