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A Mother's Day Gift for Us!

Many of you know that my firstborn son, Victor, is the person who inspired me to begin the Southern California Mentoring Academy in 2006. He was only 17 years old at the time. Now, he is a young man who has experienced a lot! Victor has a story to tell and he shares his story through his music. He told me a few weeks ago that he wrote a song for me called, "Momma for You." He was so excited and he wanted me to hear it. I was excited too but I was on my way to celebrate my friend's 50th Birthday so I smiled and said, "not right now...I don't want to start crying." I knew he wrote the song from his heart and it would make me cry so I wanted to wait and hear it when I had plenty of time to relax, listen, replay it and process all of the lyrics. He said, "Ok." A week ago, we were sitting in the family room and I asked him to let me hear the song. He smiled and said, "you waited this long so now you might as well wait until the album is released on Mother's Day-May 12th!" Oh, he has jokes! So, I am waiting. He just told me it's available now and it's not even Mother's Day yet :-) I want to share this song with you because it is a Mother's Day gift for us! Please download the song and listen to it on Apple Music or Youtube by searching for Promise Kept (Momma for You). Let's support our young musical artist!

To my firstborn son Victor: Thank you for keeping your promise to yourself, to your family and most importantly to God!

"I wrote a song for my mother but as I was writing it, I felt like I was speaking to all mothers. I know the struggle is real."

~ Victor (also known as) Promise Kept

Gift and a Curse Album Cover with a picture of a toddler who is the mirror image of Promise Kept

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