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I am a compassionate Christian Leader and Author who is dedicated to helping children and adults overcome obstacles and make decisions that will positively impact their lives.  I am also passionate about helping to relieve the suffering of others.  Born and raised in California, I grew up in the City of Carson and moved to Long Beach when I was in the 10th Grade.  I attended David Starr Jordan High School which is where I became serious about my education and my life after high school.  My college career started at Long Beach City College before I transferred to Cal State Long Beach to study Communicative Disorders.  I later transferred to Cal State Fullerton to study Speech Communication.  I earned a Master's Degree and worked as a Speech Language Pathologist for 10 years before going back to school to earn an Administrative Credential and a Master of Science Degree in Administration.  In 2006, I developed a deep interest in mentoring because my firstborn son was not making wise choices.  This interest led me to establish the Southern California Mentoring Academy and subsequently enter Pepperdine University's Doctoral Program in the Graduate School of Education and Psychology.  I earned a Doctoral Degree in Organizational Leadership in 2010.  In 2015, I self-published a summary of my dissertation in a book entitled, Leading People: A Pathway to Personal Development.   Publishing this book has allowed my research on Transformational Leadership and Personal Development to become accessible to the public.

I still love this song: "Get Up" by Mary Mary because it inspires me to keep moving towards my goals no matter what!



1. Transformational Leadership

2. Personal Leadership Development

3. Organizational Leadership Development

4. The Impact of Incarceration on Families & Friends

5. Facilitating Re-Entry into Society for Ex-Offenders

6. Reducing the Rate of Recidivism in the United States

7. Counseling in Education

8. The Impact of Childhood Trauma on Teens and Adults

"Lead your life with excellence!  In everything you do, believe that you can, learn all that you can, practice often, build confidence, be prepared and

execute with competence!"

                     ~Dr. Keichea Reever 

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